Because of its proximity to the sea, Charlestown is one of the oldest towns in the United States. Its name refers to King Charles II, and the community was officially incorporated as a town in 1738. The city’s rich history can be seen in its architecture and design — Charlestown has an appealing colonial vibe. Its buildings have classic designs, making residents feel like they are in a different period from the moment they arrive in the city.
About one-third of Charlestown’s 60 square miles is water. With only 8,000 or so residents, the city has a relatively low population density, a draw for those in search of more space.


Charlestown has many appealing features for children and adults. Noteworthy advantages of Charlestown include:

  • The long, clean, white sandy beaches stretch for miles on end, providing residents with more than enough space to relax, sunbathe, have a picnic, or even walk
  • Charlestown has wonderful ponds for fishing, kayaking, and swimming, making it perfect for families or people seeking an active lifestyle.
  • Owning a beachfront property in Charlestown is advisable as you will have the sea at your doorstep while surrounded by trees and nature.


Charlestown is a perfect escape from the stresses of modern life as you can now enjoy yourself in a more relaxed setting surrounded by nature and beautiful beaches. You can hear the peaceful sound of waves hitting the shore when at or near the beach. Homeowners enjoy the privacy of neighborhoods sparser than in big cities, and many residents own multiple acres of real estate. The town’s proximity to the sea gives you an endless view of the ocean as the sun rises or sets.

Charlestown is also home to many small family-owned and runs businesses — almost everyone prefers them to chain stores and big shopping centers. Residents love the personalized service these businesses offer; it seems like everyone knows each other around the town. Moreover, unlike other seaside towns and cities, Charlestown has not overdeveloped its neighborhoods, so residents enjoy unrivaled peace, privacy, and serenity.


Ninigret National Wildlife Refuge offers the best outdoor experience for anyone that wants to experience nature away from the beach. The 858-acre space gives residents ample room for hiking, trekking, and picnics. Charlestown’s Seafood Festival is also hosted at Ninigret Park and offers the public a chance to sample some of the best delicacies from its waters.

The Rhythm and Roots Festival is a popular annual summer music event hosted at Ninigret Park over Labor Day weekend. It allows residents to see some of their favorite musicians as they celebrate the holiday.
Charlestown Historical Society Museum acts as a time capsule where you can experience what it was like being a student long before modern society. Frosty Drew Observatory and Science Center is among the best attractions in Charlestown. The facilities give the public a closer look at the stars and celestial activities like meteor showers and eclipses.


Families with school-going children are also covered, as Charlestown has access to the best schools in the state. Some of the notable schools are:



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